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A collective of yoga & meditation teachers bringing you affordable & diverse wellness in the heart of downtown Edmonton

wellness awaits

We offer classes to support you every step of the way -

from the stiffest to the most bendy bodies we have something for you. 


self care starts here

Studies show that yoga helps you promote wellness in many areas:






Build strength, increase flexibility, release tension, improve posture, support heart health and immune function.


Decrease stress, reduce anxiety, stabilize mood, improve depression and increase focus.


Strengthen relationships, meet new friends, increase productivity, improve sleep and sense of well-being.


our story

Lucid Yoga Collective is composed of five teachers committed to offering safe, fun and supportive classes. The collective was born from Lucid Yoga Studio started by Jessica Nickerson in May 2018. After 10 years of immersion in the yoga community, Jess returned to Edmonton from Vancouver and decided to open a studio in the heart of downtown.


Recalling her experiences of being new, visiting studios and taking classes Jess wanted to create a warm and welcoming environment. A space for people of all levels to feel at home. 

The practice of yoga is potent and life changing. With these reasons in mind, Jess found a team of teachers who value safety and knowledge in their craft. The Lucid Yoga Collective of teachers is dedicated to their practice so they can best support your yoga journey into greater wellness.

We now offer classes in a non-traditional space - Homestead Coworking. We strive to provide a comfortable space for all of our students, with well-being at the forefront of all of our offerings.

What a lovely studio for all levels. For advancing your practice, brushing up on foundations or if you're a total beginner, this studio is for you. Classes are bright, welcoming and are taught by great instructors, can't recommend this studio enough!
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