Frequently asked q&a's

Where are you located?

We are located at Homestead Coworking (10526 Jasper Ave, #401). Homestead is in the Alberta Block building between Mr. Barber School and Rocky Mountain Icehouse

Are you a yoga studio?

Not in the way you're probably used to, no. We operate out of one of the 4th floor offices at Homestead Coworking. This style allows us to keep our focus on you, the student, and offer affordable class rates.

How does it work?

During business hours (8am-5pm) you may come right into the foyer. However, the 4th floor requires a key FOB for access so your teacher will meet you at the door to bring you up. After 5pm and on weekends the front door is locked but your teacher will be there to let you in.

how early should i arrive for class?

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before class. Class start times are strict and if you are late you will not be let in due to the secure nature of the building.

what should i bring?

We provide all mats & props to support your practice so no need to bring your own. All you need is comfortable clothing and a water bottle. There is a kitchen where you can fill your bottle.

Is there a washroom?


Are there change rooms or showers?

No showers but you are welcome to use the washrooms to change.

Are there lockers?

No. You can keep all your belongings in the yoga room during class but please either turn-off or silence your cellphone.

How do i pay?

We require pre-payment for all classes. You can pay online via credit card or send us an e-transfer to When sending an e-transfer please insure you use the memo line to tell us which class (date & type) you wish to book. Please also contact us when using e-transfer to advise us this is how you are paying for class. If you wish to pre-pay in cash, you may bring cash to your next class and give it to your teacher for any upcoming classes you wish to attend.

do i have to be a homestead member to attend classes?

Nope! Most of our clientele comes from outside Homestead however if you are a Homestead member, you get 10% off classes.

what is your cancellation policy?

To receive a full refund, we require cancellation 4 hrs in advance. This fee can also be transferred to another booking. If you cancel less than 4 hrs in advance you forfeit your class payment.

if you have any other questions please contact us: